SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Outdoor dining is the only option on the menu in midtown Sacramento due to coronavirus restrictions, but customers may not want to sit outside during this week-long heat wave.

Robert Blesi grabbed the coolest table in town Thursday afternoon. He thinks the heat chased everybody away from Midtown.

“There are three tables here that have air conditioning. This is like worth gold,” Blesi said.

Many other tables were left empty with few brave enough to sit in the sun.

The excessive heat could mean another financial set back for already struggling restaurants in the Sacramento region.

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“Definitely another big hurdle. And I think it’s just the worst timing,” Jarrett Derfield, manager at Der Biergarten, said.

Derfield says they’re doing what they can to keep customers cool at the midtown Biergarten by adding awnings for shade and misters.

Still, it can’t compete with cooling off by the river, making it tough for restaurants to convince customers to turn out for a happy hour in the heat. But that’s not going to stop restaurants from trying.

“We definitely want you to come out and support and spend your cash,” Derfield said.