SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) – In what is being hailed as a huge breakthrough for millions of suffering patients and their loved ones, a newly developed blood test for Alzheimer’s disease is now within reach.

“This is one of the major breakthroughs certainly of the decade,” says University of San Francisco neurologist and radiologist Dr. Michael Weiner, an expert in Alzheimer’s disease.


The test uses a method to detect and measure certain proteins associated with the degenerative brain disorder.

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“It’s a very big deal and its very important,” says Dr. Weiner. “It’s not a treatment, it’s not a cure. That’s what we really need. We need treatments and cures to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, but you can’t treat a disease unless you diagnose it.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, Kacy Counte was worried. Her mother was hospitalized and delirious. Could she have Alzheimer’s?

“It was something that was really scary because she was really confused she didn’t recognize us,” says Counte.

The delirium passed, her mom was fine, but it hit home.

“I can’t imagine that’s something that’s awful,” says Alzheimer’s patient Cece Sellgren. “You know it’s a very difficult process. It’s a process of ruling out.”