STOCKTON (CBS13) —  Thankful to be alive, eight-year-old Jordan shared the pain he’s in after being shot in the face over the weekend.

Jordan spoke with CBS13 Monday.

“I really am super happy that I actually get to live,” said Jordan, who was hit by a bullet over the weekend. “I’m super grateful because I was crying a lot.”

He was watching fireworks while sitting on the roof of a family member’s house in Stockton when a bullet came flying toward him.

“The bullet grazed him right in the corner,” said Jordan’s mom Adriana Reyes.

She says Jordan now has several stitches and his eye is swollen shut.

“He is aware, he is fully aware that he was shot,” Adriana said.

Jordan is one of six people who were shot over the weekend in Stockton. One of those shootings on Albany Drive turned deadly.

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Police don’t have much information on who hurt Jordan, only a brief description of a possible suspect, but say due to the increase in violence, officers will be upping their presence.

“So that area is going to be receiving some attention from our officers over the next couple of weeks,” said Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.

Jordan, an innocent child, hit by a stray bullet.

“I can’t let this go, it could have been fatal,” Adriana said.

His mom says his vision should come back within the next month.

“He’s a very brave little boy and he is handling it well,” she said.

But what happened to Jordan will stay with him forever.

“It was just hard for stuff to happen like this,” Jordan said.

Police are searching for a male suspect with long hair wearing dark clothing. The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with medical expenses.