FOLSOM (CBS13) – The holiday weekend is in full swing at the same time many are living in counties seeing another uptick of coronavirus.

Folsom Lake was crowded as early as Friday morning. At one point, Park Rangers had to turn cars away.

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“I know it’s a big holiday weekend, a lot of people are used to traveling. It’s still not the time to travel far outside your home area,” said Richard Preston, Superintendent of Folsom Lake.

Despite that, massive tents full of people from different families popped up along the lake.

“Everybody is really close together. I don’t see too much social distancing,” said David Hubbard on the beach.

Monserrat Hernandez brought her family to the beach visiting from out of town for just the weekend. It’s something she said she knows is not recommended.

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Hernandez noted it’s hard to isolate once you hit the water.

“We all want to get in the water but it’s a small restricted area, we kind of bump and stuff,” she said.

To help meet the crowding and social distancing needs, park rangers limited car entry to 75 percent capacity. Memorial Day capacity was 100 percent just when counties were reopening.

Preston says despite trying to minimize crowds, enforcing social distancing on the beach is almost impossible.

“We’ll do our best with the crowds that we have, but honestly, it’s really difficult for us to enforce. We’re going to be looking for other types of violations,” he said

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Violations like the use of alcohol and fireworks are not allowed on the beach.