SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Fireworks have been lighting up the night sky every night for weeks. Law enforcement says every sound in the night you see or hear is illegal.

“It’s a misdemeanor to possess the fireworks,” said Karl Chan with Sacramento Police.

Unless an officer sees someone setting the fireworks off, they won’t make an arrest.

Chan said, “California law requires an officer, in order to make a misdemeanor arrest, the officer has to actually see the violation. It has to occur in front of the officer or there has to be someone who is willing to file the charges.”

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In Lodi, police are already seeing an almost 400% increase in calls for service related to fireworks displays this year compared to last year. Officers say they’ll only generate a call for service if someone knows where the fireworks are coming from and are willing to sign a “citizen’s complaint.”

That means most displays you’re seeing are going unreported.

“That’s where it’s difficult to enforce some things,” said Chan.

Safe and sane fireworks displays go on sale this Sunday.

In Sacramento, to report illegal fireworks occurring you should call the non-emergency dispatch number 916-808-5471 or report ongoing issues with illegal fireworks to