SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — For the last few weeks, cases have climbed as fewer people social distance in the greater Sacramento area. But state and national leaders stress people need to find ways to socialize safely.

The very parental-sounding advice came from both Gov. Gavin Newsom and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who spoke to Sacramentans virtually via Facebook live on the Sacramento Press Club page.

“I don’t think it’s anything the state of California is doing wrong or not, it’s the response to what the opening process is,” Dr. Fauci said.

That response, he said, could be better, especially when spikes are being seen in certain age ranges.

“Usually young people, who think now we’re opening, it’s all or none,” Dr. Fauci said.

Sacramento State student Tristan Clark said she’s noticed her some of her peers heading out with no remorse.

“If they get it, they’ll be fine — they’ll fight it off,” Clark said. “But that’s not really the case.”

In several surrounding counties, gatherings at home are at the core of the pandemic, causing clusters of COVID-19 cases. It’s something Jim Allison of Sacramento admits he’s done as things have seemingly relaxed.

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“There’s a tendency to want to bring folks over, and we’ve done that, but we’re distant and wear masks,” Allison said.

It’s mindsets and actions like these that prompted a stern lecture from Governor Newsom on Wednesday.

“If you can’t practice physical distancing — are you practicing love?” Newsom asked in his press conference.

The strong words were used to emphasize the need to re-evaluate what a social life should look like right now. Something Mikaela Watson is trying to adjust to, “We have to kind of re-write the rules on how to present a loving relationship.”

That means more virtual interactions, avoiding people you don’t live with, and wearing a mask when you do go out. The kind of news Dr. Fauci doesn’t want to deliver but says he has to.

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“I’m the Grinch that stole fun,” Dr. Fauci said with a laugh. “You’ve got to try to the best of your ability to have your social interactions in a modified way.”

But with these warnings, will people actually heed the advice and listen? Sacramento State student Lauren Vannucci said she hopes so.

“With younger people, it’s easier to turn a blind eye, but the more you know the more cautious you’re going to become,” Vannucci said.

People like Jim Allison say sometimes, we need a reminder.

“Sometimes a lecture is needed,” Allison said. “But I hope they’ll respect where it’s coming from.”

Governor Newsom also said if you cannot physically distance for yourself, do it for your grandma. Think of the most vulnerable, he and Dr. Fauci emphasized, because we’re all in it together.