SACRAMENTO(CBS13) — George Williams sat and watched as several workers and business owners boarded up windows and vacuumed pieces of glass caused by looters.

He worries about the potential for more vandalism and theft.

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“Things are getting a little more dangerous here and it’s alarming really,” Williams said.

Natomas was just one area hit over the weekend. Police are now increasing their presence around shopping centers where stores were damaged. A CVS in Natomas had to close for the day.

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Customers were turned away with a sign telling them the store was temporarily closed due to civil unrest.

Vandals also targeted several businesses in Arden Arcade. A Walgreens on Howe and Arden was looted and damaged.

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Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinnis says the looting and vandalism need to stop now.

He says there is concern it can start spilling into other areas, even homes. Over the next few days, it’s likely officers and deputies will stay visible to the public.

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“Have arrests teams dedicated to pick people up who are doing that and then you don’t have law enforcement officers playing whack a mole going from one location to the next,” he said.

People who live near areas already hit, just want to feel safe.

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“The most focus is downtown right now because all of the stuff has happened downtown. I feel like we can use more cops out here to chill everything out here,” one man said.