SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – From the beach to dining out, Memorial Day marks the kick-off to summer, but your favorite outings now all come with risks.

Which activities are safest when it comes to coronavirus? On water and on land, after two months of quarantine for many, the plan is to honor and enjoy the land of the free.

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“We need this today; we are having a beautiful time,” said Loretta Corelman from Sacramento, on the beach at Discovery Park.

Before we get too concerned about all activities, infectious disease expert Dr. Jeffrey Klausner said not all risk is created equal.

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“Outside, the wind and the breeze and the sunlight are antiseptics for the virus,” said Dr. Klausner.

Dr. Klausner says with bring-your-own picnics risk is low because you’re outdoors.

“Dining outside, we know the outdoors is a safe environment and it’s hard to spread respiratory viruses,” said Dr. Klausner.

But experts say safety depends on who you invite and what their behaviors are, especially because you can’t realistically eat and drink with a mask on.

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“All the risk is based on the closeness and the proximity,” said Dr. Klausner.

It’s the same story, even on crowded beaches, or at pools. As long as you stay socially distanced, this is considered pretty safe, and the water is not a concern.

“Crowded beaches and pool settings — it’s unlikely people are going to be clustered very close next to strangers for a prolonged period of time,” said Dr. Klausner.

But when your activity goes inside, things change.

Indoor dining, bigger crowds at entry points or bathrooms, raise your risk.

But timing is everything, and as the weather heats up there’s likely a way to enjoy your favorite outing, outside.

“One thing we have to our advantage going into the summer months is we can do a lot of our normal indoor activities outside,” said Dr. Klausner.

Dr. Klausner says maintain social distance on both the land and in the water.

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The more time you spend and the closer you are to any infected people the higher your risk.