LODI(CBS13) — San Joaquin County was given the green light to move further into stage 2 of the state’s reopening plan Thursday evening.

This brought a sigh of relief to some businesses that have been struggling with closures during the stay-at-home order.  The county said businesses can reopen as soon as Friday as long as appropriate guidance is in place.

In Lodi, the entire town is basically built on small businesses. So when a big chunk of the town has to change the way it does business, it hurts big time.

“Our communities are dying. We are dying a slow death because we are not allowed to open,” said Marika Paternostro, Owner of Jillian’s Consignment Boutique.

Balancing money to pay bills the past two months has been a nightmare.

“About 15,000 dollars is what I lost in lost revenue,” she said.

Marika lost about 75% of her monthly income.

“Right now, I’m sitting at $1,200,” she said.

Normally she would be making about $5,000 to $6,000 a month.

San Joaquin County was one of the last for approval from the state to move further into stage two. It would allow people to a certain capacity back inside businesses like Marika’s and Tayl’r Everitt’s.

“Just working a little bit harder and this is growing character,” Everitt said.

She owns Hometown Nutrition and has been making to-go shakes and teas while she waits to allow people back inside her store to enjoy their drinks.

“I’ve watched my numbers take a little hit. I know I’m not in that boat alone. I know once we get that lift that people will start coming in,” she said.

The waiting game has been financially draining for Marika. She is now selling essential products like hand sanitizer to help with money flow but says the people are what she and other small business owners need.

“Just being open, just even having 5 people in here at a time would definitely help me tremendously,” Marika said.