by Dina Kupfer

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — The coronavirus pandemic has made it challenging to keep up with our loved ones, and for many of those who live at assisted living facilities, the feeling of isolation is starting to set in.

While Facetime calls have replaced most face-to-face visits with our loved ones, Rockville Terrace Senior Living in Fairfield now has a cubical to keep those in-person visits going for their 140 residents.

Manager Jason Reyes put together the cubical in his garage. He said several meetings are scheduled each day and the protective barrier gets disinfected between each visit.

“I had been getting phone calls from family members almost daily… people who miss their loved ones, they are desperate to see them but they know they’re safe here,” Reyes said. “We’ve had several family members who didn’t think they’d get to see their loved ones on birthdays and we’ve had many many tears.”

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Murray Bass is not used to a life of isolation.

“I’m 92 and I’m a guy whose life has been involved with people outside of here. I’m usually am out here six days a week meeting people,” Bass said.

On Thursday, he caught up with his friends of 35 years, speaking through the clear, plastic wall.

“Well, I think it’s terrific!” Bass said.

For Bass’ friends Lauren and Michael Rolfe, it’s an opportunity to connect in person, even if they can’t be in the same room.

“This is great because we would just be able to wave at him,” Lauren Rolfe said. “Now we get a chance to talk to him and see that he’s doing well.”

A local senior living facility, breaking through the barrier of isolation, while literally shielding our most vulnerable population.