WOODLAND (CBS13) – The death toll from coronavirus in Yolo County jumped to seven on Wednesday.

On top of three more deaths since Tuesday, the county is also reporting 14 new confirmed cases. All but two of them in the city of Woodland, which is home to an outbreak at a skilled nursing facility.

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The county says some of the newly added cases are associated with this facility.

County leaders would not confirm the name but residents and staff at St. John Retirement Village say the outbreak is at the Stollwood Convalescent Hospital, which is on campus.

The county didn’t have an exact number of cases from the outbreak. One resident who lives just down the street says even though he lives on campus, he’s not worried about getting sick.

“When its all over, I’m having you over for a party,” said Cleve Baker, who’s a retired Physician and resident at St. John Retirement Village and knows exactly how contagious this virus is. “It is a sobering awareness that you wake up to the fact that, yes, it can do that,” said Baker.

Baker says his life has changed.

“We don’t get together for meals anymore,” he said. “Our food is delivered to us three times a day.”

But he’s confident he’ll stay safe despite the outbreak just a block away.

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“I think people have followed by this and will stay put if they can,” said Baker.

On Monday, the county reported 35 cases at the facility including 23 residents and 12 staff members. Days later, a truckload of oxygen tanks was delivered to the village.

CBS13 tried to talk to a staff member about the outbreak but she told us she couldn’t respond to any questions.

Carole Herman, with the Foundation Aiding The Elderly, says those staff members are at risk, often working the most and paid the least.

“It’s very difficult work, it’s hard work, and they’re the lowest paid staff on the totem pole,” said Herman.

Herman says an outbreak like this, makes a major impact on the residents who call this place home.

“I’m concerned about the residents in these facilities because they don’t have family members coming in,” he said.

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County leaders say they’re now working with the facility, isolating those who show symptoms, launching contact investigations and supplying staff with PPE.