DAVIS (CBS13) — Davis businesses may be hit harder than others during the coronavirus shelter-in-place.

With UC Davis classes canceled and students out of town, thousands of customers are lost when they’re needed most. But local businesses said the locals are stepping up to fill the gap.

These days, quiet is not hard to find in downtown Davis. The sidewalks empty enough to play fetch with your dog and you barely notice the popular Wednesday night farmers market.

“When the students go away, all the families come out,” said Ivan Franks, owner of The Hotdogger.

Franks sees the positive. He’s owned the Hotdogger for 25 years. And in tough times, he said his community is coming through.

“It’s very slow, but the people of Davis have been supporting us tremendously. Tipping very well, coming and buying extra,” he said.

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Franks has added to his businesses model a bit, selling uncooked hotdogs to go with all the fixings so families can have a cookout.

This type of community closeness is what Chamber of Commerce President Joe DiNunzio considers key to success.

“There’s been a concerted effort to buy local, to identify businesses that are still operating and find ways to patronize them and I think that’s been very very important for us,” He said.

With no graduation ceremony scheduled for UC Davis this spring, DiNunzio expects hotels to be among the hardest hit.

“Starting very soon normally they would be at 105% occupancy, every room for miles around and especially here in Davis would be booked,” he said.

Even with a big source of income gone, Davis is adapting, finding creative ways to get through uncertain times.