SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Local restaurants hit hard by the coronavirus crisis got a little boost in business Tuesday with the help of a nation-wide effort dubbed the “Great American Takeout” day.

The social media campaign spread with the hashtag #GreatAmericanTakeout aimed at having all Americans order one meal takeout meal from a restaurant during the day.

At Empress Tavern in Downtown Sacramento, staff saw double the number of orders from a day earlier. The restaurant had a staff of 30 before the Governor’s orders went into effect to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“We’re down to literally five people,” Empress Tavern Bar Manager Jose Carrasco said.

Patrons who ordered takeout waited in their vehicles along K street for their orders to be delivered curbside.

“They have the best vegan fried mushrooms, in the city,” Empress Tavern patron Chris Thomas said.

“I think for me what it is, is trying to maintain as much as I can of my normal routine, which is supporting local restaurants,” Empress Tavern patron Ashela Richardson said.

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At Burger Patch in Midtown Sacramento, the social distance lines were long.

“Today has been amazing,” Burger Patch owner Phil Horn said.

They cranked out more than 500 of their plant-based burgers. Business has been booming for them, and they’ve dedicated to turn over their March profits to other Sacramento restaurants that are struggling.

“The least we can do is take anything we get and give it back to our community,” Horn said.

At Canon restaurant in East Sacramento, the adjustment to curbside take-out has not been as swift. On this day which would have seen 100 guests normally, they received 20 take-out orders.

“It’s been really steady,” Canon owner Clay Nutting said.

The owner has created a new app to help customers order easier.

“We knew that we would have some very specific needs,” Nutting said.

On this Great American takeout day, local restaurants all feeling the rewards of a loyal customer-base adjusting to this Coronavirus crisis