TURLOCK (CBS13) — The Turlock School District says an anonymous donor has replaced both the shoes and bike that were stolen from a student with special needs.

A video shows students assaulting 14-year-old Michael Valdez as he cries and begs them to stop. The suspects also stole Michael’s bike and shoes.

Valdez’s mother, Monica, said he was left barefoot and hurt. “I saw the red mark on his face, from him getting sucker-punched in the face and in the ear,” she said.

She says he is in special education classes at Turlock Junior High School.

“I was so angry at the kid, and the other ones who were standby and watching it,” she said. “My son’s not a fighter. It made me cry. He said, ‘What did I do? What did I do?’ And he just socks him right up the side of the face.”

The district said the students in the video have been identified and are facing disciplinary action.