SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – Authorities are investigating a deadly head-on crash just north of Jackson Highway in Sacramento County that happened Wednesday morning.

The crash happened on Eagles Nest Road, near Kiefer Road and north of Jackson Road just before 7:30 a.m.

At least one person, a woman whose name has not been released, was killed in the crash. She was the only person riding in her vehicle. Five people, all students at Pleasant Grove High School, were in the other car and have been taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

“I feel like that could have happened to anyone. Anybody could have got hurt,” Kaylan Matthews, a senior at Pleasant Grove, said. “It’s just really sad that it happened to somebody. Because I’ve been into a car accident before. So I know how scary it is.”

According to CHP, two of the students suffered broken bones, one suffered internal injuries and the remaining two suffered minor injuries. A spokesperson said one student was taken to Kaiser and the other four were transported to UC Davis.

California Highway Patrol told CBS13 that the woman veered from the northbound lane of Eagles Nest Road into the southbound lane that the students were traveling in. It’s unclear at this time what caused the woman to veer into the other lane.

Some parents said this situation makes them worried about their own child’s safety while out on the road.

“I get scared to hoping it’s not my kid or any other friends,” Grady McFaddin, a Pleasant Grove parent, said.

And as tragic as the crash was, one former teacher says it could have been much worse for the community.

“I have lost students throughout the years and it’s a loss and a sorrow,” Susan Linas, a former teacher and grandparent of Pleasant Grove students, said.