LAKE OF THE PINES (CBS13) – A Nevada County homeowners association and community members say a man’s giant nutcrackers on display eight months of the year is too long. But the man says he’s working to make sure he can keep them up.

The Lake of the Pines homeowners association is preparing to crack down on 10-feet-tall nutcracker statues on display outside Dave Campbell’s home. He says his giant nutcracker dolls are his pride and joy.

“Trying to bring joy to the community,” Campbell said.

The colorful soldiers, standing on red drums, make for an impressive sight.

“They’re about ten feet tall, they’re made of plastics,” Campbell said. “Let’s say they’re 70-80 pounds a move.”

Campbell stores the decorations under a tarp in the winter to protect them from the rain. Eight months out of the year, he has them on display outside his lakefront home.

“I would put them back up for Memorial Day, and then I would decorate them for Memorial Day, and Fourth of July,” Campbell said.

Campbell’s nutcracker spirit has earned approval from some neighbors, opposition from others.

Mike Taylor also lives on the lake and says seeing the nutcrackers up during the height of summer is strange.

“I think there’s a limit about doing it year-round,” Taylor said. “I think it becomes a little much. I think it’s cool for you to do for 60 days, but after that, I feel it’s obnoxious.”

Now the Lake of the Pines homeowner’s association has drafted language to crack down on the giant nutcracker display.

In language titled “Seasonal Outdoor Decorations and Ornamentation,” the proposed rule reads: “the timeframe of displays must resemble traditional periods of celebration.”

The board is expected to vote on the new language, at its next meeting. Campbell calls it a powerplay that will impact every homeowner in the Lake of the Pines, even though he is the intended target.

“They like to micromanage with rules,” Campbell said.

It’s a nutcracker controversy at Lake of the Pines an a homeowners association seeking to limit holiday spirit to the holiday season.

“For whatever reason, they don’t like my decorations to bring joy,” Campbell said.

He says he is circulating a petition for signatures over the proposed decorations rule.

He wants every Lake of the Pines homeowner — not just the board — to vote on the rule.