by Rick Boone

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A West Sacramento man chased down a mugger who tried to rob his 50-year-old mom.

The incident was caught on their Ring surveillance camera.

“As soon as I see this guy walk up, I said ‘who is that guy?'” Manpreet Saini, the victim’s son, said.

The suspect approached Saini’s mom as she returned from the store. He first said “hello,” but then the interaction quickly became violent as he grabbed her purse, dragging her several feet on the ground. She was left with severe injuries to her elbow and shoulder.

Seconds later, the victim’s son and daughter-in-law tried to chase down the suspect, but he jumped into a car.

“I did what I could do just chased, right when I seen that happen, I just got out the door and chased,” Saini said.

He says the suspect was not able to get the whole purse and dropped the minimal contents he had as he ran off through a neighbor’s yard.

Police say there are two suspects connected to this mugging assault. Officers arrested the suspected getaway driver, 28-year-old Sean Young-Bonds about a half-mile from the crime scene. The other suspect, who caused the attack, remains on the loose.