FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — A woman’s cry for help alerted several people in a Fairfield neighborhood.

A person can be heard on home surveillance video yelling to call 911 while a woman frantically screamed in the background. Part of the terrifying situation was caught on Wesley’s security camera.

“[He] came back around and shoved her back in the car and then drove off,” he said.

It’s incidents like the one in Fairfield that are coming to light across the nation. Just recently in Las Vegas, a home security camera captured a woman frantically running to a stranger’s home for help. Surveillance video recorded the woman yelling her attacker’s name. That piece of information ultimately helped police catch the man accused of assaulting her.

Police say home security cameras are now playing a big role in the investigative process.

In Southern California, surveillance video helped police identify the car involved in what could have possibly been an attempted kidnapping.

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Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinnis breaks it down.

“All of these things provide tremendous information, evidence for law enforcement. The anonymity of persons engaging in certain activities is soon to be completely deprived,” McGinnis said.

As for the bone-chilling screams that put this Fairfield neighborhood on high alert, police are saying what happened is domestic-related.

Still, Wesley is proud his neighbors stepped up to help.

“There’s a call for action I don’t think a lot of people take it not seriously. I think everybody takes it seriously and that’s what we did as a community,” he said.

Police were able to track down the man and woman in this incident thanks to a neighbor who was able to identify the license plate of the car in the video.