TURLOCK (CBS13) — A second Turlock parent has reported a suspicious man who tried to get their kid’s DNA.

Police say the man went to the front door asking the parents for fingerprints, hair samples, and DNA from their 18-year-old daughter, claiming she signed up for a child fingerprint kit. 

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The mother, who did not want to be identified, is still cringing after a confrontation with a stranger in her own home. 

“As soon as we made eye contact, I knew there was something not quite right with him,” she said. 

She says on Saturday morning a man captured on Ring doorbell video approached her husband in the garage and said their daughter had ordered a child protection kit. When he brought the man inside their home, “he gave me the creeps. I said ‘it’s fraud. Get out of here.’” 

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He reportedly showed them a template with their child’s personal information. The mother said she felt uncomfortable and insisted the man leave. 

“I called my daughter at work and she said she didn’t sign up for anything,” she said. 

She then put the surveillance pictures on Facebook. Turlock police did not comment on the pictures but did confirm they are investigating two incidents. 

This is the second case in a week. Last Wednesday, a Turlock mom said a man came to her house asking for the same thing.

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“He said that he was with AMBER alert that he needed to finish her DNA file, so he needed fingerprints and five strands of her hair,” Lauren Hassett said. “He came to my back gate he asked for my daughter by her nickname, and so that was the first red flag.”

Police say the man is in his 40’s and wears 70’s-style glasses. He reportedly drove away from the scene in a grey four-door Nissan sedan. 

Since word of the latest incident has spread, there have been other reports.

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“There have been several other people who got a phone call but no one showed up at their door,” the Turlock mother said.  

She said a friend who works at Walmart reported seeing the man at work.

“[On] Sunday when I talked to her she had said he had been in the bathroom and he had come out in a different colored shirt,” she said. 

CBS13 found similar incidents were reported in Nashville where police warned families over the summer about a possible child safety kit scheme. There, the department was receiving reports of people calling, even going door to door, asking for children’s personal information.

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Officers warn to not let the man inside your home. At this time, the identity of the suspect is unknown, if anyone has any information please contact the Turlock Police Department at (209) 668-1200.