PIONEER (CBS13) — Deputies say a thief made off with nearly 300 Amazon packages delivered at a closed post office.

According to the Amador County Sheriff’s Office, a courier service for Amazon dropped the packages off in Pioneer when they were supposed to go to Jackson due to the Pioneer office being closed. So far, deputies have not been able to obtain a list of people affected.

Pioneer resident Jessica Walling believes hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas gifts she ordered are gone. She had gifts for her family picked months ago and ordered them last week. But Monday evening, she learned of those gifts may never make it home

“A lot of it was for my mother. She lives with us and can’t work. I wanted to be able to bless her at Christmas, that is something very important to me,” Walling said.

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The Amador County Sheriff’s Office said they contacted the courier service and Amazon, but was not provided with any details about the courier service driver or the merchandise.

“Are they going to fix the problem? And who is responsible. Who did something like that?” Walling said.

Walling describes the shipment she likely lost as her family‘s entire Christmas.

“Pretty hard to explain to a five-year-old,” she said.

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She said her heart hurts for other families who may have also been affected by this brazen theft and she has a message for the person who did this: “To find it in their heart to do the right thing. That I understand everyone is struggling at Christmas, but those actions hurt people,” she said.

Walling said she contacted Amazon about what happens next and was told it could take until the end of the week just to confirm the situation and determine what happened. From there, she said it was unclear how she would be reimbursed or if the packages would make it before Christmas.

CBS13 also reached out to Amazon but has not heard back.