KINGVALE (CBS13) — There’s rain, snow and slush all along I-80 as folks hit the road up and down the Sierra on Sunday.

“I’m from Minnesota, originally, so for me, I’m kind of used to it but not used to it going over a mountain,” Ryan Vaughn said.

The weather made traveling feel like a white knuckle drive for some people.

“It’s really rough. It’s really snowy,” Chris Mondragon said. “This is my first time driving with chains on. It kind of sucked.”

Caltrans is requiring all drivers whose vehicles aren’t 4×4 with snow tires to have chains on if they are using I-80 both in the east and westbound sides of the highway in the Sierra.

Some say they still turned around down the mountain despite having a large truck to help them navigate the tough roads.

”We have a 4×4, but we don’t wanna get stuck,” Ilona Gayduchoka said

Truckee police advised drivers to hold off on traveling in the area until Monday morning, if possible, due to the weather conditions.

“I would suggest not going today. Maybe wait till I gets a little better,” Gayduchoka said.

But some had to hit the road Sunday because they had deadlines to meet.

“Actually, I have an event I need to be in Reno for tomorrow. But I prefer not to be driving in this,” Vaughn said. “As it is, they said I can stop here in Kingvale to get chains because they said I had to.”

Some, like Mondragon, had to make sure their little ones were ready to hit the books after the holiday weekend.

“I don’t really have a choice honestly, he said. “I gotta get her to school tomorrow.”

Caltrans also said that all westbound semi-truck traffic is closed at the Nevada State line until Monday and that those drivers would have to find another route.