LODI (CBS13) – A pricey tortoise stolen from a Lodi pet store has been returned.

On Saturday night, The Serpentarium posted video of the thief and their accomplice walking inside the store’s new location and taking the tortoise, which is valued at $1,000, according to a statement from the store.

(credit: The Serpentarium)

“To the person who stole our tortoise, and to your accomplice…if you return the animal back to us, promptly, we will not press charges. If someone recognizes you before you bring it back, we will be pressing charges to the full extent,” a store spokesperson wrote on the store’s Facebook page.

On Monday, when CBS13’s Ryan Hill was at the store when someone returned the tortoise. He declined to speak on camera.

Store management said they’re sticking to their word to not press charges, since the tortoise was safely returned. The CEO will have to decide whether or not to press charges.