(CNN/CBS) — PG&E announced Tuesday that it will credit customers affected by the Oct. 9 Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). This move comes after Governor Gavin Newsom requested action from the company because of its poor handling of the shutoff that affected 738 residential and business customers, or over 1 million people.

It will give a one-time credit of $100 to residential customers and $250 to business customers on their bills.

The company says it is sending reimbursements for the specific event “due to the hardship caused by the website and communications issues,” not because of political pressure.

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Here are answers to some questions customers may have about the reimbursement:

Q: How much will the reimbursements be for each residential and business customer?

PG&E will credit residential customers $100 and business customers $250. This will come as a one-time on-bill credit (listed as a customer satisfaction adjustment) for customers impacted by the Oct. 9 PSPS.

Q: Why just the Oct. 9 PSPS?

The credit is due to the hardship caused by the website and communications issues, PG&E says. They say they recognize their execution in these areas “fell short of expectations.”

Q: Why isn’t PG&E providing bill credits for all PSPS events?

During the Oct. 9 PSPS, PG&E’s website and call centers were not able to handle the volume of calls and visits, and because customers did not have easy access to the information they needed, the utility says. They say they have since taken steps to reduce those issues.

Q: What do customers need to do to ensure they get the bill credit?

Customers impacted by the Oct. 9 PSPS will automatically receive a one-time on-bill credit (customer satisfaction adjustment) on their account, the company says.

Q: When will this credit occur?

In customers’ next billing cycle.

Q: What is the funding source for the reimbursements?

The funding will come from shareholders, not from customers.