PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — As it starts to get colder this fall, some are worried about staying warm during the power outages.

Laurie Gampa says she’s glad she was at least able to pick up her prescriptions Tuesday since the local Rite Aid had power.
She left the store Tuesday unsure if her power was on.

“Its really tough not knowing what to do,” Gampa said. “I’m kind of concerned because it’s really freezing I’m not sure what I’ll do.”

Dave Berryman is getting creative with how he uses his generators.

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“I found out a way to plug in the forced air furnace and plug it into the generator. We’re muddling through, it’s glorified camping,” Berryman said.

Mike Simmons lives in Camino. This is the fourth time he’s had his power shut off. He planned to turn on the wood-burning stove when it gets cold, powering it using the trees he cut down to create defensible space around his house.

“We have a ton of wood because of the fire danger we’ve got so many trees that [we have enough] until doomsday,” Simmons said.