VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Vacaville residents are frustrated as they look at no power for another day, or possibly longer, in some areas.

“I wish we could call them and say: ‘The wind let up; can you turn it back on?’ But nothing like that is happening here,” said Desiree Dominique.

Dinner by candlelight is not what Dominique expected Thursday evening, but she and her grandmother are making the best of it.

“Our refrigerator is leaking because everything is defrosting. We had to put a towel on they floor,” she said.

Dominique and her grandmother have been through this before.

“When we went through Katrina we had our lights and power out for two and a half weeks,” said Dominique.

A glimmer of hope for them was lights coming on at a nearby apartment complex

Even so, “It kinda is frustrating,” she said with a laugh.

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Others rushed to big box stores to stock up on generators to keep their refrigerators running.

Francisco Cerretino said, “They sold out of generators and they only have one at Lowe’s and its $800. I do not have that kind of money.”

“I am trying to find a battery light to carry me through for the time being,” said Omego Doe.

Many people were stocking up on supplies.

“I am from the Bay Area. You gotta be ready,” said one man walking into Home Depot.

Bottled water was also in short supply. One Vacaville Walmart was out until replacements arrived late Wednesday afternoon.

“I am on well water, so if my power goes off, bottled water is going to be the way I have to go,” said Terry Kirkbride.

Kirkbride lives outside Vacaville in a rural area.

He received a text that his power would be shut off during the overnight hours.

A local Home Depot said they had 500-600 calls asking about generators.