SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A long-time Sacramento businessman is protesting plans to build a controversial new road. It’s part of Sacramento’s plan to transform the Broadway Corridor, but there’s a concern it could cost one business everything.

William Kakavas has owned his restaurant supply company for 25 years, but now he’s worried plans to build a new public road could drive him out of business.

His store is located just south of Broadway in an area Sacramento city planners want to redevelop.

“We’re trying to look at parks, open space opportunities, improved walking and biking connections,” said Sacramento City Principal Planner Greg Sandlund.

The former industrial area is already seeing a dramatic transformation, with the addition of hundreds of new homes.

“Change is good, development is good,” Kakavas said.

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Kakavas was still shocked when he found out a road would run right through his property. He said the city never even notified him of the plan.

“My neighbor says, ‘Hey they want to build a road right through the middle of both of our properties,’ and I said, ‘Well I’ve never received notice,” Kakavas said.

The project would extend the existing portion of Crate Avenue to the east, but Kakavas’ store is in the way.

“Directly down the middle of this building, so it leaves me very few options,” Kakavas said.

The city said a new road is needed to better connect homes with the neighborhood elementary school.

“Kids walking to school have to take these long circuitous routes,” Sandlund said.

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If it’s approved, the business would not have to immediately close, but the new road would be required if he ever re-developed his property. Also, having a 53-foot-wide roadway built down the middle would limit what Kakavas could do with his land.

“It’s been a pretty shady experience, and it is something I would not have expected from the city,” Kakavas said.

He’s now vowing to fight city hall.

“It could happen to anybody….we hired a law firm to represent us,” Kakavas said.

Other proposed changes include removing large fuel tanks to make way for a park and adding a water sports basin for swimming in Miller Park.

The city council is expected to vote on the plan early next year.