OROVILLE (CBS13) – A 16-year-old boy was arrested after authorities said he reposted another teen’s Snapchat with a threatening caption.

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office started investigating a Snapchat post that quickly went viral Tuesday night. The video featured a teen showing off what looked like a hunting rifle with a scope, an MP40 submachine gun, and a semi-automatic pistol.

No threats were said by the person in the video, deputies say, but a caption superimposed on the video read “S*** if you go to Lp better get ready to jet #schoolshooter.”

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Many believed “Lp” referred to Las Plumas High School in Oroville – and the teen who appeared in the video was identified as a former student at that school.

Deputies soon showed up at that teen’s home, but the boy told them that he had sent the video to another teen to brag about the pellet rifle and BB guns he had without any threatening caption. The weapons featured in the video were found to, indeed, be BB guns and a pellet rifle.

So, deputies went to talk to the other teen who had received the video. The 16-year-old – who is a current student at Las Plumas High – reportedly admitted to putting the threatening caption on the original video, then sharing it on Snapchat.

The second teen said he didn’t have any intentions to shoot anyone and only posted it as a joke. Still, deputies arrested the teen and booked him into Butte County Juvenile Hall. He is facing a charge of making terrorist threats.

Deputies say they don’t believe there is any credible threat to Las Plumas High at this time.