SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Some daycare centers nationwide are still using those sleepers blamed for dozens of infant deaths, despite a voluntary recall.

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Some states have laws requiring daycares removes recalled products, but California does not. The state agency that licenses daycares in California has proposed regulation that would make it illegal for daycares to use banned or recalled products.

In the meantime, CBS13 visited local daycares and found some are still using the sleepers.

Thirteen-week-old Liam, 10-week-old Arya, six-week-old Jameson, twin to sister Dorothy. They’re three of the more than 30 infant deaths blamed on the Fisher-Price “Rock ‘N Play” inclined sleeper. It was recalled back in April, and Fisher-Price is not alone.

Kids II also recalled their sleepers in April after five infants died.

A new survey released by the US Public Interest Research Group found one out of 10 surveyed daycares nationwide are still using the recalled sleepers.

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When CBS13 recently visited local daycares in the Sacramento area, we found two out of the four had one of the recalled sleepers. Both Fisher-Price and Kids II say they have taken multiple steps to notify consumers about the recalls.

Kids II said it sells “to retailers and consumers for single-family use only.”

In some of the reported deaths, infants were not properly restrained and rolled over in the sleepers. But the parents in this story, who are suing Fisher-Price, say that was not the case with their babies.

Sleep safety experts warn babies can also die from what’s called positional asphyxia in inclined sleepers. Infant’s heads can flop forward or they slouch, blocking their airways.

The American Academy of Pediatrics stresses sleeping on the back is best and said babies should sleep on a firm surface with no blankets, bumpers or anything else in the crib.