FAIR OAKS (CBS13) – The Sacramento County Sheriffs Office is investigating a shooting death that claimed the life of Chancelor Fields-Colbert, a football player at Sierra College.

He was attending a party at a home on Fair Oaks Boulevard near Sunset Avenue.

Michael Gonzales says he rented the Airbnb for a guys getaway for 12 to 13 guests, but the crowd grew to nearly 50 as word spread on social media. He told CBS13, “Some girls started fighting and we ended up breaking it up, and then out of nowhere a bunch of guys started fighting and then after that gunshots.”

Shots were fired around 1:30 am. Witnesses say the male shooter was wearing a hoodie and a red sweater.

A neighbor, Sid Johnson, said the party wasn’t necessarily loud, but he and his wife were startled to hear the gunshots. “Pop, pop, pop. It’s like a small-caliber gun then minutes later there were all sorts of cops in the road that goes up to the house,” said Johnson.

The wounded Colbert was able to make it out of the house but collapsed in the intersection of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Sunset Avenue. He was pronounced dead later at the hospital.

The party was attended by students mainly from Sierra College.

One of the partygoers said she saw the suspect pull out a gun and yelled at her friends to try to move him. She was able to escape the melee by going to the second floor and began helping other girls down through a window.

“We hid at first in the closets and stuff. That wasn’t really smart so we all started jumping out the windows,” she said.

Shaken party-goers returned to get their vehicles on Sunday after a long day of questioning by police.

The Sacramento County Sheriffs detectives are still trying to locate the shooter and asking witnesses to come forward.

Sierra College is inviting students to book an appointment and speak with grief counselors if they need to.