LODI (CBS13) — Roses are red and one local business owner is feeling very blue after a petal prowler was caught on camera stealing precious blooms.

“If she’s going to steal my flowers she might be stealing other things in the community,” said Angela Augusto. “These were red and they are gone.”

Augusto owns the Self Matters Therapeutic Massage business on Oak Street. She wants people to smell the roses.

“I want everyone to enjoy them,” she said.

Swipe through the security pictures of the rose bandit. 

Which is why she couldn’t believe her alarm system, which was labeled with signs out front, was sounding for a second time, alerting her to someone stealing her roses.

“When I caught her again I figured ‘oh well, I’m gonna take pictures and see if anybody knows of her or why she’s doing it,’” Augusto said. “She takes a big knife out of her purse and just kind of chops and she chops and then she leaves and then she goes back and takes a couple more. I was surprised that she took so many and I’m surprised that she took such a big knife out of her purse,” she said.

Someone broke into the backyard and stole a brand new bike and even an entire flower pot from the acupuncture business next door.

“It’s like we can’t have anything beautiful out here because someone will steal it,” she said.

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Others can’t believe it either.

“I don’t know why anyone would do that. It’s very selfish and very unlike this neighborhood,” a Lodi woman said.

“If she would’ve knocked on the door and asked for some, I would’ve been happy to make her a bouquet from the back ones or the backyard ones,” Augusto said.

Augusto has one final request for this rosebush bandit before she has to call the police to nip it in the bud.

“Please stop stealing my flowers. If it’s not yours don’t take it,” she said.

If anyone has information, Angela Augusto with Self Matters Therapeutic Massage can be reached at 209-601-6510.