SACRAMENTO(CBS13) — It’s the first Thursday in May and you know what that means, it’s time Drag Queen Bingo and it’s all for a good cause.

With feather boas, flair, and fun, its a game of Queens.

“I got a winner!” someone yelled.

It’s a sold-out group of diverse players competing in a game more often associated with an older crowd.

“It’s a way to connect with friends and have a good evening and it’s 2 hours of sheer madness,” Bingo Queen Brandee Dryler said.

Winners getting an instant makeover and a parade through the players.

“They run around and we throw Bingo cards at them and they win a fabulous prize,” she said.

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The monthly match is a fundraiser, emphasis on the fun, for local charities

“Each month is a different charity. Different non-profits in Sacramento that benefits from this fun activity and it’s a great way to spending the evening,” said Bingo Queen Brandee Dryler.

And now they’ve reached a major milestone.

“We’ve broken a record tonight, $250,000 raised for non-profits,” she said.

A show of support for local nonprofits through a royal gathering.

“There’s all a little bit of queens in our hearts and this is a way to bring out that queen,” Bingo Queen Frieda Layou said.

All proceeds raised through bingo go towards the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce scholarship fund.

Remember it’s at Mango’s on K Street in Midtown the first Thursday of every month.