Mugo Odigwe reporting

GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) — The strong storm is creating issues across our area. In Grass Valley, people and public services were responding to conditions they don’t see every day.

First came the rain, then ice pellets and finally snow. The storm quickly progressed throughout the day.

“Better be safe than sorry,” said Dana Novy who planned to pick her kids up from school early because of the snow.

“When it does it, like this in the day and you know it’s supposed to continue, you need to get your kids home and you need to get home and be safe,” Novy said.

While waiting for her hands to thaw out after putting chains on her tires, she said she doesn’t want to wait for the storm to get worse and have to deal with other drivers.

“It’s too scary out there and not everybody is safe,” Novy said.

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A sentiment a postal worker we spoke with reiterated.

“It’s a little slick out here. Gotta be careful. Way too many people acting stupid,” said Jamie Coenen.

Meanwhile, Nevada County public works crews say they are prepared to tackle the storm and help drivers get to their destination safely.

“It doesn’t really snow a lot here. Not too bad so it’s only a couple of inches. We don’t do highways or anything. Just county roads,” said plow driver Brandi Hankins.

Throughout the day, various county agencies were busy responding to the storm. A snow plow cleared the runway at the airport.

“We’re parked at the top of the hill. Makes it a little more challenging for us to get down,” said Robin Vanvalkenburgh, Division Manager for Nevada County Transit Services Division.

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The division started moving their buses downhill, “and operate service from there because instead of up here because it’s safer,” Vanvalkenburgh said.

It’s a move that can make transportation unpredictable for people who live uphill.

“Once it gets to a couple inches of snow, it’s unsafe and we call it off, but for the most part we’ll serve them as long as we possibly can,” he said.

As for Dana, she says her family will avoid being on the roadways until the storm passes.

“We’ll wait until it thaws and then we’ll come back to school on Wednesday,” she said.

Parents aren’t the only ones keeping an eye on the storm. The Grass Valley Unified School District say they’ll make a decision about closing school for Tuesday at 5am.