SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Gavin Newsom (D) was sworn in as California’s 40th governor Monday afternoon. The former lieutenant governor and San Francisco Francisco mayor took the oath of office before hundreds of supporters.

Newsom took the stage with his family by his side and a supermajority of Democrats in the legislature, celebrating his progressive plans for California.

“Thank you California,” he began when he took the stage and instantly vowed to take on what he calls the corruption in President Trump’s White House.

“There’s an administration in Washington hostile to California values and interests,” he said

They are interests he promises to protect.

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“The world is waiting on us. And we will seize the moment,” he said.

He says he plans to restore his version of the California dream.

“You shouldn’t have to find gold or make it in the movies or create a billion dollar startup to live that California dream,” he went on, hinting at progressive policies that support children and their parents.

One of those policies includes extending paid parental leave from six weeks to six months.

“Yes it’s important to women but it should be important to every California resident,” said Holly Mitchell (D-LA).

For Newsom, that also means helping those who don’t have a home.

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“We have a homeless epidemic that should keep each and every one of us up at night,” he said.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg was onboard with Newsom’s message Monday, saying he was excited to see a fellow former mayor in office.

“I can’t tell you that was such music to my ears because frankly, cities have been dealing with this largely alone for a long time,” said Steinberg.

But the new governor isn’t specifying how he’d pay for his proposals, and Republicans are already worried.

“There is not an unlimited pocketbook of the taxpayers of the state of California,” said Jim Neilsen (R- Gerber).

It’s a surplus not mentioned in Newsom’s address. But there was a “little” surprise the crowd wasn’t expecting.

“We Californians know how much a house matters… and children,” he said before picking up his two-year-old son.

It wasn’t the bottom line, but the last in line the youngest of four Newsoms, appropriately stealing the show.

“We will support parents they need support trust me,” he said with perfect timing as his son paced the stage.

And there was a lot of support there for the new first family of California.

“Now lets get to work,” he said.

And work starts immediately. Newsom’s first budget plan is due to the legislature no later than Thursday.