SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Skip Hop is recalling thousands of convertible high chairs that could cause injuries to children.

The company issued the recall for the TUO Convertible High Chair, saying it “could pose a potential fall risk if the leg or legs become detached from the seat.”

Credit: Skip Hop

Credit: Skip Hop

The chairs were for sale from December 2016 and September 2018 in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico.

Parents can check if the chair they own is involved in the recall by checking the code located on the back of the chair, above the WARNING section.

Credit: Skip Hop

The following date codes are under recall:

  • HH102016
  • HH11/2016
  • HH3/2017
  • HH4/2017
  • HH5/2017
  • HH6/2017
  • HH7/2017
  • HH8/2017
  • HH9/2017
  • HH092917
  • HH010518
  • HH030518
  • HH05182018
  • HH092717
  • HH05312018

If the TUO Convertible High Chair you own is under recall you must do several things, including ensuring the chair can no longer be used, donated, or sold.

  • Fill out a form
  • Upload a photo of the date code
  • Cut the crotch strap
  • Puncture the seat cover at seam and begin cutting
  • Cut around crotch strap
  • Remove fabric and write name/date on seat
  • Upload a picture of your name and date written on the chair

Credit: Skip Hop

Once you upload your photos and fill out a form you should get an email confirmation within 5-7 business days.

Those owning recalled chairs will get an e-gift card or a refund.