MISSISSAUGA, On. (CBS13) –  Employees of a jewelry store in Mississauga, Ontario used swords to fend off armed would-be robbers this week. The brazen midday attack was caught on video.

Around 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, the suspects walked up to windows of the store and smashed them out using hammers. When one of the suspects tried to get inside the store, an employee swung his sword at the suspects, narrowly missing them. A second employee can also be seen with a sword in video supplied by Peel Regional Police. 

A second suspect then pulled out a semi automatic handgun, walked up to the window and pointed it at an employee, but the employee lunged at him again with the sword, causing him to retreat.

The suspects, four in total, walked back to a waiting Dodge Durago and drove away.

Store employees told CBC that they were luck, and that the swords were gifts from a friend of the family.

There is no word yet on arrests.