FOLSOM (CBS13) — Two jewelry thieves were caught on surveillance video as they ransacked a business.

The owner of Adrian Blanco Jewelry says the thieves got away with multiple watches and other jewelry displays from the store.

Folsom Police don’t think this the only time these thieves have struck in the area.

Adrian Blanco made it to a year before his jewelry store was targeted by thieves who made their way into his store through a window.

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“We try to give back a lot to the community, and for something like this to happen, it can rattle you a little bit,” he said.

The thieves came in around 3 a.m. on Monday morning after throwing a rock through the store window.

Blanco was optimistic the thieves didn’t make off with much, despite the mess they left behind.

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“Not much of significant value was taken from my store; if anything it was just a big mess. So, we’re going through all of our jewelry right now to see if anything is damaged,” he said.

Investigators say this may not have been the first time these thieves struck, pointing to a similar crime at a nearby Sunglass Hut.

“The thing that is similar is the time frame,” said Folsom Police Lt. John Lewis. “They were fairly similar in time. And we’re reviewing video from that as well, trying to correlate the two to see if they are related in some manner.”