SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Forget about pumpkins, scarecrows and ghosts for Halloween. You can now decorate your yard with Zombie and Skeleton Flamingos!

CBS13 found a variety of Zombie Flamingos for sale on Amazon.

The pair manufactured by Union are painted black, with red eyes and fangs and are for sale for $23.38.

Credit: Amazon/Union

Union offers this description: “With this Zombie flamingo pair standing guard, maybe the real Zombies won’t bother you – they’ll think their cohorts have beat them to the punch. One of these frightening birds is standing while the other is feeding; both are on high alert. Perfect for Halloween, birthdays and undead parties, these red-eyed, fang-toothed, black-feathered flamingos are a fun spin on America’s favorite lawn art. Just insert the metal rods/legs into the plastic bodies and push them into the ground. Then watch your neighbors’ expressions.”

Forum Novelties sells a Zombie Flamingo that has a spine for a neck, red eyes, and visible ribs on its body. Prices on Amazon start at $14.77 and it’s described as: “You’ve seen pink flamingo lawn ornaments before, right? They’re sort of a classic piece of Americana. They’ve become more rare than they used to be, in fact, they were thrown away en masse in the 1990s. Problem is, they’re back and they’re hungry. We thought we were through with the pesky things, but little did we know that they weren’t through with us. I always thought the zombie apocalypse would rise quickly, but I never thought it would start with zombie flamingos. Why, Florida, why?”

Credit: Amazon/Forum Novelties

Fun fact, it is categorized as “Kids Room Decor.”

Another Halloween Flamingo option are these Skeleton Yard Flamingos by Pink Inc.

Credit: Amazon/Pink Inc.

These flamingos have a skeleton painted on them and are “a spooky new twist on the classic pink flamingo!”