VACAVILLE (CBS13) — A man wearing just a towel was spotted driving near a daycare by a mom, and now police are investigating.

The man was spotted on Tuesday driving through a residential neighborhood with no clothes on and just a towel covering his lap. A mom spotted him driving back and forth down the street near her son’s daycare.

Police say it’s not clear if the man broke any laws on his toweled drive, but many parents say the man’s behavior was clearly inappropriate and needs to be stopped.

“My heart just dropped.  I was like, that’s disgusting,” said concerned Vacaville grandmother Pam Eddy.

“That’s horrible this happened right around the corner right here in our neighborhood,” said Vacaville mother Monica Dawkins.

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Parents describe their shock after learning an unknown man, caught on camera naked with only a towel covering his private areas, was driving around residential streets.

“I have grandkids myself, and for Vacaville, that’s very sad,” said Eddy.

It happened just after noon on Cedarcrest Drive, blocks from Foxboro Elementary School. A mother was dropping her child off at an in-home preschool when she noticed the man with no shirt on staring at her and her son and driving slowly back and forth.

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She alerted the teacher whose husband confronted him and snapped pictures of the man, who also had no pants on.

The teacher’s husband also called the police.

“This is a suspicious circumstance and alarming behavior…it might very well be criminal behavior, but we have to investigate that to know if a crime has occurred,” said Lt. Keith Hopper.

Dawkins says in her opinion the man should be arrested.

“He did commit a crime because that’s public indecent exposure, because if I walk past his truck I can see in there, and he’s not in the comfort of his own driveway, he’s in public!”

Because it’s unclear if the man will face any charges, CBS13 blurred the man’s face.  Police did locate the name and address of the vehicle’s registered owner but have yet to track him down.

Nobody answered at his home on Tuesday.

He is described as being in his early to late 60s and was driving a tan older-model Chevy truck with a white toolbox in the back.

“It’s not every day that you see someone driving in a vehicle with no clothes on so it’s almost a mandate for us to follow up,” said Hopper.

“I feel like we shouldn’t wait until something bad has happened.  We should take preventive measures, so as a community everybody needs to be alert,” said Dawkins.