EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) — Wally Richardson is known as a treasure in his community. His goal is to spread kindness and positivity to students on their way to school.

Wally Richardson is 94 years young and full of Wallyisms. He recites part of it, and the students finish it

Wally: “Be kind whenever possible.”

Kids: “It’s always possible.”

Wally: “Judging others does not define who they are.”

Kids: “If defines who you are.”

Wally: “Never look down on anyone.”

Kids: “Unless you’re helping them up.”

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The former Navy pilot who served in Korea in World War II is a poignant man. Every morning at 7:15 sharp, Wally comes out in his U.S. Navy hat and plaid button-up shirt and greets students with “k’nuckles” at the crosswalk outside Marina Village Middle School.

“I always call it a k’nuckle,” he said. “Everybody calls it a fist bump!”

The students’ faces light up when they get their morning dose of Wally’s words of wisdom, even when he’s reminding a student to tie their shoes. Parents appreciate the positive sentiment his lessons provide outside the classroom.

Chock full of humor, Wally’s spirit resonates with the students so much that three students painted Wally’s Wall to show how much they adore him.

“It’s so special,” he said,” at my age, an old man, that the kids would do something like that for me.”

The only thing that makes Wally light up more than k’nuckles is his wife of 60 years, Jenny. Together, they share a brand new Facebook account.

“My son said, you gotta have a Facebook,” he said.

He’s hoping to spread his kindness beyond El Dorado Hills.