SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — We’re all noticing the smoky, sooty air and trying deal with it as best as we can. In this wildfire season, the nasty air is a losing situation for some, but it’s making others big winners.

“It reminds me of smog,” said Erica Arceo, who lives in Rocklin. “I don’t care for it!”

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One look outside and you might find the sky a little eerie. So what do you do when it looks like that day after day?

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“We only go out when we have to and pretty much stay inside,” said Andrea Montgomery.

The big losers under the hazy skies are outdoor stops like water parks and golf courses. Over at Diamond Oaks Golf Course in Roseville, the stream of customers has started to slow down. And Wake Island in Pleasant Grove has had fewer visitors over the last few weeks.

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But other businesses are winning and seeing the benefits of a hazy smoke-covered valley.

“We’ve seen business go up quite a bit,” said Jeff Morrow, a supervisor at Skatetown Ice Arena. “We’ve seen an increase all around, people showing up for all of our different programs and everything here.”

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Morrow says the last few days have brought more customers than they anticipated.

“They’re like, we don’t have to go outside, do we?” he said. “Just walking in is enough of the air for them!”

And the 55-degree temperature is enough incentive to keep the pucks flying and the skates gliding.

“It’s cold, which is really great to escape the heat at the same time,” Morrow said. “And a lot healthier for you, especially compared to outside.”

At Body Glow By Rebecca, owner Rebecca Denning keeps her services on the go. And she says the calls for spray tans have shot up in the last week.

“It’s crazy because you can hardly see the sun and I definitely think that is what’s bringing me a lot more customers right now,” Denning said.

In fact, she’s seen business increase by 30 percent this month. And she urges her new clients to come back even when the haze finally evaporates.

“It’s almost better for people to do indoor tanning instead of outdoor tanning because it is better for their skin,” Denning said.

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