MODESTO (CBS13) – Law enforcement agencies nationwide are taking the “Lip Sync Challenge” and posting videos of officers singing and dancing along to popular songs.

The Pacheco family in Modesto wanted to thank the Modesto and Oakdale Police Departments and recorded a #lipsyncchallenge video of their own. The boys dressed in police uniforms and sang along to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” in the family car and in the backyard.

Credit: Tiffany Pacheco

Andrew, who’s 6, “sang” lead vocals and rocked his air guitar while sitting in the driver’s seat. Levi, who’s 4, sat shotgun and bounced along to the beat. Two-year-old Jackson joined his cousins for part of their outdoor concert.

Credit: Tiffany Pacheco

Tiffany Pacheco posted the video to Facebook and wrote:

“Here it is! Our “response” to the #lipsyncchallenge! This is dedicated to all those who put their lives on the line every single day! We respect you, and we appreciate you!

“Sorry the timing is off, we tried lol, but that’s ok, they are still cute”

To the men and women at the Modesto police department and the Oakdale police department. This ones for you!

From Andrew (6) Levi (4) and Jackson (2)”