By Marc Woodfork

This week features the return of everyone’s favorite insect size superhero, Ant-Man. In this chapter Marvel brings along a friend, The Wasp. At first glance the premise seems promising, a superhero film, a character everyone loves, a new character introduced, lots of action. Only this one doesn’t quite live up to the Marvel hype machine.

Paul Rudd is really good with this character. Almost as if it was created specifically for him. He brings heart and soul to Ant-Man. As well as a genuine likability to a character that probably wouldn’t be as popular without him. The film itself is fun as you would expect, and there is a lot of action as expected, and even some cheeky slapstick humor. But what the film doesn’t have is the “Marvel factor.” It doesn’t have the elements that we’ve come to expect from a Marvel film. It misses the mark. We’ve come to expect a certain level of intrigue, suspense, and smart action from the Marvel Universe.

I think this film would have been better had it not been a Marvel film. Maybe as audiences we’ve placed our expectations too high, and every superhero film has to fit into a certain mold. I, personally wanted more. There are aspects of ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ that are very Marvel-esque, and I appreciate the introduction of a new superhero, but I’m not sure if it’s necessary.

For most audiences Ant-Man and The Wasp gives exactly what people want from a superhero film.  Action, goofs, some laughs and a lot of fun.