SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Every fourth of July, local animal shelters are seeing an uptick in lost pets.

“I can’t leave this guy on the street,” said Laura Garibay.

In a matter of minutes, there were more lost and started animals that took temporary shelter today.

‘We’re dog owners and I wouldn’t want someone to just leave my dog right there,” said Garibay, who picked up a spare dog.

As good Samaritans bring strays to safety, some dog owners are reunited with their animals.

‘I think the firework make her scared,” said Dipe Phim, who was reunited with her dog.

It’s the busiest time of the year for animal shelters.

“We take in two to three times more animals than we normally would,” said Janna Haynes with Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

The booms and bangs of Independence Day celebrations rattled pets who then ran away.

Front Street Animal Shelter has taken in 105 stray animals since July 1.

Shelter staff sees this every year. Of the animals brought in, a majority of them are not microchipped and that is a huge challenge when trying to get them back to their owners.

“That microchip is the difference between you getting your pet and maybe it going to somebody else for the rest of its life,” said Haynes.

Haynes says it’s best to prevent your pet from getting spooked in the first place.

“Keep them inside, keep them in one room, put on some music or the TV,” she said.