ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Former detectives from the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department spent most of their careers chasing down the east area rapist with no luck in solving the case.

Those same investigators are relieved after learning of the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo.

Former detectives say it’s been frustrating not being able to bring the East Area Rapist to justice.

Larry Crompton is a sergeant assigned to a special task force in Contra Costa County. He worked tirelessly tracking the killer’s every move.

“If you look back during that time, he was not the most active rapist in California but he was the most violent,” he said.

Crompton said the killer’s crime spree expanded several counties from north to south California.

In October 1976, former deputy Richard Shelby with the Sacramento Sheriffs Department responded to a home invasion and sexual assault call. While investigating the scene he noticed something that became critically important, everything involved in that particular incident and the cranks and follow we’re all planned out extremely well and in great detail.

“When neighbors would see all types of suspicious persons the descriptions were everywhere, they had no idea what the hell the guy look like. The victims were blindfolded, some got enough of a look at him to know how tall he was one victim was 6 foot tall and she could look down on top of him of his head, several of them said no doubt he was 5’9″ no more,” said Shelby.

Former Detective say the arrest of Joseph DeAngelo brings a relief to many in the community especially victims and their families.