GALT (CBS13) – Another brazen thief in Galt has left students and leaders scrambling to re-organize a state convention set to begin in just days.

A trailer packed with convention materials was taken right from the parking lot of the Future Farmers of America. The thief stole thousands of dollars of items including 8,000 Disneyland tickets.

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Organizers of the event hope video footage of the suspect will help find their trailer.

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It was a trailer packed full ready to go to the state conference in Anaheim starting this Sunday.

“It was parked in the spot right there,” said FFA Executive Director Matt Patton.

It took just 6 minutes for a thief to steal a trailer, ruining a year’s worth of planning by the California Future Farmers of America.

“A person going to drive the trailer down came into the office asked how we were all doing an asked where the trailer was,” he said.

Realizing the trailer was no longer in their headquarters parking lot, they went to the security camera.

“It was interesting they knew where the camera was because when I drove up, they shined the lights right at the camera so you couldn’t see and just backed right in there,” said Patton.

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According to Patton, it was 3 a.m. Wednesday, when a lone suspect broke the lock on the trailer, hooked it up to a truck and towed it away.

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That trailer was packed with audio/visual equipment tablets, sweatshirts, and other materials along with one of the most prized items: a block of tickets to Disneyland. Valued at $100 each, they were $800,000 total.

All the stolen items were needed for this year’s 90th annual leadership conference for the student-run organization in Anaheim starting this weekend.

CHP describe the vehicle as a dark-colored Ford Ranger with an extended cab. Officers say they believe the thief didn’t go far and may still be within the community.

The trailer is described as white, 12 feet long with a double axle. It has California license plate number 4KJ1127.

“We’re not going to interrupt the service to students are going to do our best to make sure the conference goes off without a hitch but financially for the state organization this is going to be a big hit,” he said.

Disneyland has agreed to give them new tickets and cancel the old ones, but they are still having to scramble for other key materials for the conference — things like programs and trophies.

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The CHP put the license plate in a national database where all law enforcement who run the plate can see that its stolen. They warn anyone against buying Disneyland tickets for next Tuesday from private sellers.