CLARKSBURG (CBS13) – A disturbing trend of dog cruelty and dumping has been happening in a quiet, rural area of Yolo County.

Over the last six months, 16 dogs have been abandoned in the town of Clarksburg. Of those, 10 were pit bulls, most of which had their ears clipped and/or were in poor health, according to a statement from the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department.

The latest incident happened on Tuesday along Willow Point Road, east of Jefferson Boulevard. Yolo County Animal Services were called to investigate the report of an injured pit bull. When they arrived, the animal control officer found the injured female dog lying in the dirt in “horrifying” condition. It was emaciated, had its ears clipped, and had infected sutures from a poorly done spaying procedure.

The officer took the dog to the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in Davis. The next day it underwent surgery. It was then that veterinarians found that, due to the extent of the dog’s injuries, it couldn’t be saved. The dog had to be euthanized.

A second pit bull was also found in the same area. It’s believed the two were dumped at the same time.

Deputies say most often, the abandoned dogs are found on South River Road, Willow Point Road, Babel Slough Road, and County Road 141, in Clarksburg.

The head of county animal services says it’s likely that someone — possibly running an illegal dog breeding operation — is picking Clarksburg because it’s remote and has other environmental factors allowing the dogs to survive on their own.

Anyone with information identifying the owner(s) of the two Pitbulls picked up on 04/10/18 please contact Yolo County Animal Services immediately at or (530) 668-5287. If anyone witnesses a person(s) or vehicle abandoning a dog in the Clarksburg area, please also contact Yolo County Animal Services immediately at (530) 666-8282.