STOCKTON (CBS13) — A San Joaquin County leader sprang into action after witnessing a violent assault on a female driver in downtown Stockton.

It happened late Friday night near the intersection of Weber Avenue and California Street as Supervisor Tom Patti, who represents the third district, was wrapping up his evening and heading to his car.

Unreleased surveillance video shows Patti fighting with the suspect between two cars.

On the way to his car in downtown Stockton, when he noticed something very strange just a few feet away.

“A car pulled up right next to me, screeching to a halt and I looked over, and there was—and of course it was drawing my attention—there was a girl that was driving that was just getting beat up by whoever this big guy that was in back of her car,” he said.

Patti couldn’t believe what he was watching – a frightened woman who was trying to escape to safety.

“She was getting punched severely; I mean brutal,” he said.

Patti says he confronted the man, who quickly turned his focus to the District 3 supervisor. It gave the female victim a chance to run away, but it cost Patti a broken eye socket and nose and possible emergency surgery.

“They guy started cursing at me very violently, got aggressively towards me and got was being very aggressive at me, so I knew I had to defend myself with his aggression, and as he was making a move to attack me I defend myself,” said Patti.

Surveillance video of the incident is not being released. However, CBS13 did get a chance to review it, and it does show the supervisor jumping in to help the woman. It also shows the violent fight which some say could have ended so much worse.

“I would have been a little bit afraid though because of the weapons, you know, armed weapons. But it was have been pretty bad because he obviously didn’t care,” said Kathleen Gapusan who lives in Stockton.

Stockton Police officers say they are now looking for any information about the incident. In the meantime, its business as usual for the busy supervisor.

“I am thankful. I’m glad he is OK. I hope he recovers soon,” she said.

The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors has its regular meeting Tuesday. Although Patti is pretty banged up, he does plan to attend.