SHRA Housing Waiting List
To apply for Housing or update your waiting list information visit

Super, Blue & Blood Moon
More information:
On Twitter: @NASAMoon

Autism Birthday
To mail Aidan a birthday card:
3009 Babson Dr.
Elk Grove

Ways to Become a Morning Person
· Buy the right mattress
· Take melatonin and drink chamomile/lavender tea before bed.
· Try to cut off exposure to technology and blue light
· Set morning rituals
· Don't hit snooze
· Be mindful

Ann Curry

Big Game, Bigger Bites
You can follow Chef Roc on Instagram @ChefRocHawaii

Why We Talk In Our Sleep

The Sofia
2700 Capitol Ave.
Shows start Saturday, Feb. 3

Shelter Speed Dating

Braces Off Disco Party
Lyons Orthodontics
Fair Oaks: 916-965-3336
El Dorado Hills: 916-933-8820

Bone Marrow Registration Drive
2pm – 6:30pm
Walton Special Center
4131 Crown Avenue

Never Too Late To Graduate

DIY Snack Stadium
Instagram: @blogaboutitall
Twitter: @blogaboutitall
Facebook: @theblogaboutitall


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