SAN JOSE (CBSSF) — A Bay Area mom’s photos of nasty conditions at a San Jose meat market are going viral. Now the store is doing ‘damage control.’

Loretta Seto’s reaction to seeing how raw meat was handled at her local Ranch 99 Market in San Jose was immediate and visceral.

“Kids can easily get sick. So, my first thought was just to protect other moms and kids out there,” says Seto.

(Credit: Loretto Seto)

“It’s just slabs of pork just plopped into the shopping cart and it was being wheeled in through the front door and my first thought was this is absolutely disgusting.”

Disgusting and unsanitary, which is why Seto says she snapped the photos and posted them online. She hopes they well serve as a warning to other parents who might unknowingly expose themselves either to the contaminated carts or questionable meat.