PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) — It’s not your everyday police call; this 911 emergency came just after 8 a.m. Wednesday of a dog running across all lanes of east and southbound traffic.

Sheriff dashcam video shows a car stopped on Interstate 80, and pinned underneath the wheel is a large dog.

The deputy then used his car to block traffic, and the off-duty California Highway Patrol officer began to jack the car off of the dog.

“Honestly the first thing he was dead, that’s all I thought,” said Colton Wilson. He’s the dog’s owner and got the frantic phone call; he said the longest 3-mile drive of his life.

But this tale has a happy ending.

Meet Ruger, a 10-month-old hound dog who followed his nose a little too far from home.

“I looked out my window and noticed there was a crazy amount of traffic,” said Corynn Welch, Ruger’s aunt.

At first, she said she couldn’t tell why.

“Then it clicked in my mind,” Welch said. “I went outside and ran to the fence and was yelling at the officer ‘Hey that’s my dog!'”

Deputy Stan Semenuk, himself a K9 handler, used his leash to strap up Ruger to get him to the vet hospital. Miraculously, the dog survived.

“When I was driving there I prayed that he was alive and he was. It was awesome,” Wilson said.

Ruger’s family is forever grateful to the men who helped.

“I’d love to thank them personally in person, but that’s awesome what they did they went above and beyond. Honestly, I’m so thankful,” Wilson exclaimed.

Hungry and happy Ruger is safe at home, the hole in the fence is patched up, and they’re hoping he won’t be high tailing it across the freeway anytime soon.

Based on appearances he’s doing just fine, the bruised lung, some stitches, and of course an embarrassing cone he must wear for a few days.

The off-duty CHP officer remains a mystery, but already has hundreds of comments on social media thanking him as well.